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It’s Just a Matter of Opinion

October 29, 2007


Like most drummers back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was really into Neil Pert from Rush. He was (is) considered one of the best rock drummers of all time, and I guess I can’t dispute that. But then one day my guitarist handed me a tape and said “Here. Listen to these guys. They’re better than Rush.” Blasphemy! I thought to myself. No one was better than Neil—Neil was God! Well, I have to say that Tim Alexander, the drummer for Primus, could very well be better than Lord Neil. Tim would never admit it; in fact, he thinks he’s not that good. Man, if I could only be “not that good.”  The fact of the matter is that all three of the members of Primus may very well be the most technically brilliant band of our generation, but as with the case with virtuoso bands in general, it tends to be only musicians that appreciate them. I guess that’s why their bumper stickers say “Primus Sucks!” on them; their music is not for the easy listener.  

What sets these guys apart is their quirky nature, especially Les Claypool. Les is one weird dude—a city hick if you will—who loves to joke around in a Chainsaw Massacre kind of way. Tim is intense and focused, and Larry LaLonde just sits back, grins, and shreds on the guitar. I expect many of you won’t care for this band, but they are entertaining just to watch, and I think they’re ridiculously talented.

This clip was taken from a radio appearance they made back in 1989. They were popular locally at this point (in San Francisco), but their “big” success didn’t come until the following album.