When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse


I spent so much time as an adolescent listening to all the great punk and new wave bands that were hitting the scene in the late 70’s that I pretty much missed Pink Floyd as they we’re making some of the best psych/pop/blues/experimental music of all time.  That all changed with the release of The Wall in 1982. Stunning is the adjective that comes to mind when thinking about that movie and its soundtrack, and as I began the journey backwards through their catalogue, the modifier became inadequate. The music of Pink Floyd is the perfect communion of beauty, innocence, despair, anguish, and hope: all the elements of the human condition. It is reflected in the instrumentation, chord progressions, film, and of course, the lyrics. Pink Floyd songs can transport me from the warmth of the sunlight to the dank coldness of a dark pit with one chord change, and then back again. Their music, like all great music, overtakes mood and reason; sometimes for the better, sometimes not.  Below is a classic video from Pink Floyd performing one of their more tranquil numbers. Footage of the band kicks in at about 1:45, so be patient. You can link to it here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV9AwB-DnoI, or watch it below.



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